Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Animation

Here is my fat cop character walking over a panning background, the background was drawn by hand and painted digitally. Also I have my flour sack riding some waves, I did some sound design on it so enjoy the ambient sound effects.

Layout and a painting, oy

Layout concepts for my story, we have the hero's home at the top, a pan where the character in a boat goes down the stream and finds a wounded soldier and also a rope bridge on the road to the castle. The painting was done in Photoshop CS.


A girl and a Chernobyl soldier. "Get out of here stalker." lol

Sketches from Sketchbook

These are a bunch of sketches and caricatures I did of people throughout the year, most of these were drawn from life or film, as for the case of Nosferatu, I did not see him in real life, unfortunately.